Bonsai is a 100% vegan restaurant, owned and run by an incredibly talented young team.

I’m not usually one for meat and fish substitutes but I think these are the best I’ve tried. The Tempura ‘Sea Bream’, and the ‘Chicken’ Yakitori cooked over Japanese Binchotan coals are both very impressive.

Cocktails and service are always on point too. Bonsai is well worth a visit regardless of whether you’re vegan or not.

vegan For Vegans

You’re in luck – Bonsai is 100% vegan!

What to order

  • Tempura 'Sea Bream'
  • 'Chicken' Yakitori
  • Miso, Maple & Wasabi Glazed Aubergine
  • Dirty Rice
  • Chef's Selection of Pickles