Thai food + barbecue… Could anything sound more mouthwatering? Maybe, but I’m not sure there are many things more delicious.

There’s been a different standout dish on each of my visits – the White Corn Ribs with coconut cream and phrik larb, the smoked Lamb Massaman, and the Cola Braised Beef Tongue respectively. The charcoal roasted Lemongrass Chicken, and Mike’s Party Wings with caramelised fish sauce glaze deserve special mentions too.

Expect insane amounts of flavour, subtle levels of smokiness, and authentically Thai quantities of chilli. If you’re ‘not good with spice’, you may want to sit this one out.

vegan For Vegans

Not a huge selection of dishes but enough, and they do include the epic White Corn Ribs mentioned above.

What to order

  • White Corn Ribs
  • Lamb Massaman
  • Lemongrass Chicken
  • Cola Braised Beef Tongue
  • Mike's Party Wings
  • Sam Rod Whole Sea Bass
  • Som Tam