Nostos is one of Brighton & Hove’s best Greek restaurants, with plenty of beautifully executed classic dishes on the menu.

Their Greek Pita is the kind of bread I always want a stash of in the house Рready to be loaded with any range of delicious fillings. The Santorinian Octopus is beautifully tender, caramelised octopus, on a smooth yellow fava bean pur̩e, with a rich sauce, and samphire.

The Kalamarakia – perfectly cooked, deep fried squid, with vegan aioli and a lovely, vibrant chilli chutney is possibly my favourite crispy squid dish in Brighton & Hove, and The Feta Nest – deep fried feta in super crispy filo pastry, topped with honey, sesame, and fresh chilli is a great mix of textures and a perfect balance of salty and sweet flavours.

There are several Souvlaki variations on the menu, which are available for delivery and make for amazing lunches.

vegan For Vegans

Good selection of dishes available including Vegan Moussaka, and Yemista – stuffed peppers & tomatoes with rice, pine nuts, raisins with roasted lemon potatoes, plus a few starters and sides too.

What to order

  • Feta Nests
  • Kalamarakia
  • Santorinian Octopus
  • Souvlaki
  • Greek Pita